The result

My name is Jessica, a copywriter at Crossphase. Between december 2018 and march 2020 I worked for VodafoneZiggo via Crossphase. Some of my results:

  • 207 content stories
  • Help with the migration from and
  • Made the copy for important campaigns like, GigaNet, Black Friday, Vodafone Runners, the launch of the new subscriptions ( + Unlimited subscriptions) and the arrival of 5G.
Do you need a talented copywriter like Jessica?
Jessica is really diligent in her work. She gives good arguments, thinks along and has a great view on what the customer needs. The collaboration with Jessica was very nice. She always asks in what way I want the content, which saves me a lot of time to process it.

Stefan Perez, front-end developer

The start: How I replaced my Crossphase colleague

In december of 2018 I started as a copywriter at VodafoneZiggo. At first I worked only for Ziggo, later for both brands. I took over the role of a Crossphase colleague, and it was important that this transition went as smoothly as possible. By asking a lot of questions and working intensively with the team members, I quickly conquered my place within the team. And in three other teams, because I have worked in four different teams due to shifts within the organisation.

What is VodafoneZiggo?

In 2017, Vodafone and Ziggo merged into one company. VodafoneZiggo is a Dutch company that provides fixed, mobile and integrated communication and entertainment services to consumers and businesses. VodafoneZiggo includes the brands: Vodafone, Ziggo and Hollandsnieuwe.

Scrum, sprints & stories

At VodafoneZiggo I worked in a scrum team. Together with UX / Visual designers, developers, analysts, testers and other editors, I completed so-called user stories for the websites and These stories tell you what we do during the sprint, but not how. That is up to the team itself. One time a story consisted of informing business customers about the discontinuing of 3G and the other time the subscriptions were adjusted, and this had to be clearly visible on the website.

Casestudy vodafoneziggo 3

My approach: focus on the customers and stakeholders

I wrote for existing and potential private (B2C) and business (B2B) customers of Vodafone and Ziggo. These target groups have always been central to my work. But other parties were also involved in the process, such as the stakeholders of the stories. You can think of internal parties such as marketing or product management. That is why consultation and cooperation with the team, stakeholders and other colleagues were of great importance. In this way, we came up with content that is attractive and clear to the readers.

My tasks at VodafoneZiggo B2B Digital

At B2B digital I was mostly working on creating, managing and publishing content. My text ranged from short copy as CTA-buttons and meta descriptions to copy for A/B tests, surveys and complete web pages. Together with the designer I determined the structure of the web pages and built the pages - based on the design- in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

I also took care of the internal newsletter and in this way kept colleagues informed of the developments within B2B Digital. In addition, I presented some of our work during demos.

Casestudy vodafoneziggo 1

New tasks created by the migration project.

I soon got new tasks due to a migration process:

  • transferring pages to a new CMS
  • monitoring the progression
  • creating a URL structure
  • thinking about the customer journey.

In this migration, it was important to be on the same page with the team on the method, URL structure, and page layout. Much consultation and coordination were also required outside the team. For example, about the required components and their operation in the new CMS, and assigning the tasks.

The result? Many pages were migrated to the new CMS. And because of the collaboration between other parties they also improved on design, content, findability and understandability.

Jessica is working hard within the team to prepare a content migration by applying and sharing her existing knowledge, and by proactively immersing herself in topics with which she has less experience. She works independently, but also knows how to seek cooperation when necessary. As a Product Owner I want to interfere with the content as little as possible and because of team members like Jessica I have the confidence that I do not have to.

Reinier Klapwijk, Product Owner

My approach: how I guided others

In addition to creating and migrating content, I trained two editors and helped other editors to familiarise themselves with the (new) CMS. An editor was added during the period at B2B Digital. It was my job to train her.

I passed on as much knowledge as possible and created stories to guide her and to work together. And I actively asked for feedback to see if this way worked for her. In this way she was able to fully participate in the team and we were quickly adapted to each other.

I left the B2B team at the beginning of 2020. In the weeks before my departure, I trained a Crossphase colleague to take over my tasks. She quickly found her place in the team.

Running Campaigns within B2C

I moved to the other side of the office at Hoog Catharijne, to B2C Marketing. My team was responsible for a number of major campaigns for the company, such as the new subscriptions and the arrival of 5G.

My main task was to translate a briefing into online content: I created an overview of all online touchpoints, delivered copy and created and wrote new pages.

For Black Friday we needed a lot of coordination with the team and the colleagues of marketing. You were an important and strong link in this. Thanks to your efforts, the right copy was on the website at the right time, and we communicated the right prices for each customer group.

Laura Schuitemaker – copywriter/editor

My approach: How I increased my visibility

In this team I had to reinvent my place. A number of marketeers had never worked with an editor before. That is why it was not only important to use my skills as a writer, but also to make it clear what an editor does and what an editor adds to your team. This not only helped me find my role in B2B marketing, but also increased the visibility of editors within the company.

Casestudy vodafoneziggo 2

Feel free to tell us what your team looks like. And what content challenges you have. We like to hear from you!

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