The first step in your content strategy: what are your goals?

With content strategy you determine how (and which) content helps you achieve the goals of your company. You always create content for a reason. A content strategy is part of your marketing strategy. For example: if sales is your goal, you will need different content than for branding or lead generation. Only then your marketing will be targeted.

Use KPIs to make your content goals measurable
A KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a way to translate your goal into something tangible. That way you can measure if your strategy is working. If lead generation is the goal, your KPI could be to double the number of newsletter registrations within a year. If branding is the goal, the KPI could be to increase the engagement on your Facebook by 40% in the campaign period.

Know your target audience: create a buyer persona
Your target audience thinks: what's in it for me? What is on their mind, what moves and motivates them? Put yourself in their shoes by creating a buyer persona. Discover the search habits of your target audience and optimise your website with SEO. This makes the creation of relevant content easier, more relevant and more effective. Your website will also be easier to find for (potential) customers that way.

I want advice on content strategy

Choose the right channel for content distribution

The lack of a content strategy can often be recognised by a post that's shared in the same way on all mediums. If you don't know which channel your audience is using and when, it's like delivering a beautiful, homemade gift when no one's home.

Besides your website, webshop or blog there's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, TikTok, Snapchat... The list goes on. Choose the medium where your target audience is most present and create specific content that fits the channel’s character. This way you prevent missing your target and your visitor from dropping out. Or, even worse: visitors clicking away your message because they've already seen it 3 times.


Continuity with a content calendar

Do you want to prevent your content strategy from remaining unused, just because no one has time to create content or keep track of the chosen medium? With a content calendar you create that time and ensure continuity in your content marketing strategy. Remember to stay flexible, so there's room to respond to current events. Otherwise, it feels like interrupting a conversation at a party by starting to talk about something completely different.

Done? No, content marketing is never truly done. It's a dynamic, ongoing process of measuring, learning, adapting, scraping and developing: the content life cycle.

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Assistance for your content strategy

Using the right content to achieve long-term goals is very valuable. But setting up a strategic and practical plan to achieve this can be complicated and time-consuming. That's where we come in! Not only do we take content and technology into account, but we also look at the internal (content) processes. Because real improvements often start with the design of your organisation and marketing. You won't receive bulky, high-level reports from us. Instead we present you with a flawless strategy, clear tailor-made advice and a solution that is future-proof.

Crossphase for content: 13 years of experience in strategy, advice and consultancy
After setting up a content management system, we ensure to also pass on our knowledge to you. This allows the right people in your company to manage the content in the best way. Even after we've left. With over 13 years of experience, we dare to say that the commitment of our content professionals pays for itself. In time. In money. And in content that is easier to find and makes for higher conversion. Our SEO experts, web editors and content managers are ready to help you.

Determining a content strategy? An exploratory meeting is always free and without any obligation.

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