Copywriter: from a content specialist to a conversion specialist

A copywriter is a (commercial) text writer. A copywriter writes targeted texts with measurable effect. The desired effect is, of course, more conversion. Conversion-focused copywriting is a skill in itself. The copywriter needs to pay attention to: :

  • The goal of the page
  • Measurability
  • SEO
  • Language level
  • Accessibility

Copywriters who specialise in writing conversion-focused texts are also called content specialists.


Conversion optimisation starts with analysis

If you want to improve something, you first need to know what the goal is and how your website’s visitors behave. You then thoroughly analyse the customer journey. That helps you to start optimising content in a data-driven way. For that reason, many content specialists know how to do data-analysis.

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Targeted texts: the right words in the right place

Targeted writing doesn’t mean that your texts aggressively call to action. There are multiple techniques for persuasive copywriting. You should let a professional who knows those techniques handle your texts. Because the technique that suits you best depends on your target audience, the goal and the place in the customer journey. For example, sometimes a “proceed” button achieves more than an “order here” button. A copywriter helps you use the right words in the right place.

Test your assumptions

Based on your analysis, you have written targeted texts and optimised content. But when you work data-driven, you also need to evaluate your assumptions. What is the effect of the adjustments? If any? What works and what doesn’t? When you compare present-day websites of webshops, airlines or newspapers to those of 10 years ago, you’ll find a lot of differences. The length of an article, the text in a button: all is the result of testing and optimising.

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Need a copywriter for conversion-focused texts?

When you want to increase conversion, you need to be prepared for doing analysis, making adjustments and testing results. That is why our copywriters do more than just write copy. They:

  • Have a lot of experience in data-analysis and targeted research
  • Translate insights to targeted texts
  • Write texts that improve the (measurable) conversion
  • Are experienced in (A/B-) testing
  • Give you practical advice for the future before they leave

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