The result

For IGO Promo, an international company in personalised promotional items, we developed a content marketing strategy in 6 weeks. We interviewed 8 colleagues and analysed their existing content. We then prepared an annual content plan that could be implemented right away.

The plan is based on measurable goals and contains content formats and ideas for multiple stages of the customer journey per week.

We are Michiel and Frederique, content marketeers at Crossphase. Read more about how we tackled this strategic content project below.

Do you need an annual content plan?
Michielen Frederique

The request from IGO Promo

IGO reached out to Crossphase with the following questions:

How do we use content to remain the market leader in the upcoming years?

How do we ensure more engagement with our target group?

How do you create an efficient content calendar?

In other words, IGO Promo was looking for advice and support in creating a content strategy and a practical annual content plan.

The approach of this content question

IGO Promo wanted to complete the content strategy within 6 weeks. So that they could implement the plan from January 1, 2021.

To meet this deadline, we did this job together.

Why Frederique? Because she developed the content marketing strategy for Crossphase. And she has an incredible amount of creative ideas.

Why Michiel? Because he was responsible for the content marketing at D-reizen for years. And has a lot of experience with strategic projects.

Stationery 2 2x

The analysis

To clarify the chances and challenges of IGO Promo, we started with a comprehensive analysis:

  • 8 interviews with the different marketeers of IGO Promo
  • Analysis of visitor behaviour in Google Analytics
  • Analysis of the social media channels
  • Analysis of the website
  • Analysis of IGO Promo's main competitors
  • Analysis of brand document, tone of voice and personas

Together with Gitta, the content marketer of IGO Promo, we mapped out all points and made an initial prioritisation.

Michielen Frederique aan het werk

From analysis to solution

Using the customer journey model REAN (Reach - Engage - Activate - Nurture), we have mapped the bottlenecks on the customer journey. This approach helped us to narrow the analysis down to 2 big opportunities.

1. IGO Promo has a wonderful brand story, but does not tell it yet

IGO Promo was founded in 1945, has a production process that guarantees high quality and has a sustainable social mission. A great story that is now only known internally. We spotted myriad chances of telling this story externally as well, using different content forms and channels.

2. IGO Promo is not present in the first part of the customer journey

In all marketing channels, IGO mainly appeals to customers in the Activate phase: people with a purchase intention. In the Reach and Engage phase, IGO is practically invisible. Together with the marketing team we have created a plan to reach and inspire people without a purchase intention.

Michiel en Fre bij IGO Promo

Solution for the missing brand identity

In various brainstorming sessions with all the IGO marketeers, we redefined the mission, vision and core values.

Thanks to this joint approach, everyone agrees with the new brand story and everyone is motivated to tell this story through all marketing channels.

Solution for the absence in the first part of the customer journey

We have created an annual content plan for content in the Reach and Engage phase. For this we used our experiences with other customers and a competitor analysis.

We developed the most important content for the Engage phase in a session with the whole team. Because everyone has provided input and ideas, it has not become a Crossphase plan, but an IGO plan.

You have more knowledge and experience, that is something we can clearly see in the plan. Yet you didn’t make me feel like you were superior. I find that a pleasant quality.

Gitta about the collaboration with Crossphase

We did it together

We love our profession and were happy to help IGO Promo tell their story. From day one we have done this together with Gitta, the content marketeer at IGO Promo. A valuable collaboration if you ask us, because our different perspectives complement each other. Gitta with her knowledge of IGO Promo, Frederique with her refreshing content ideas and Michiel with his strategic experience.

In addition to Gitta, we also involved the other marketeers of IGO Promo in the plan from the start. This gave us a lot of extra valuable input and support.

We really did it together!

Brainstorm IGO Promo

Would you like to meet Frederique and Michiel? We are curious about your story!

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