The results

The new and responsive website of ING was uploaded step-by-step so it would not cause any inconvenience to the visitors of the website. Even though ‘the front’ had remained the same, ‘the back’ of the website had been cleaned up substantially. No less than thirty percent of the content was removed and the redirects were cleaned up as well. Now, ING is a happy customer with a clean CMS.

ING logo

Old situation

ING had been working in the same CMS for five to six years. The system contained many unnecessary items and complicated procedures for building pages. The website had approximately 5,500 pages, 5000 images and PDFs, dozens of unnecessary flash files, and many complicated schemes and templates.

ING’s customers noticed little of the issues, but the content managers and formula managers at ING spent a lot of time on maintenance every day. It was time for a big cleaning.

Our project objectives

  • Integrate ‘My ING’ in pages ‘before login’
  • Make the website responsive
  • Keep the same interface
  • Remove and clean up (duplicate) content
  • No inconvenience: minimal downtime


ING had already prepared the project when we joined them for the migration. They had decided on new templates and schemes and had given serious thought to cleaning up the CMS. The team at ING had decided to keep the same CMS and rework the body.

The project became a migration from SDL Tridion 2011 to SDL Tridion 2011. The website was divided into fourteen batches and every batch was migrated over a period of two weeks.


The planning for the migration was aligned with the planning of the website release made by the development team. For each batch, we took a margin of six weeks between the web release and the start of the migration. This way we could ensure that the technology was ready on time, and it left plenty of time for the developers and content managers to run a system test.


The migration team was made up of two employees from Crossphase and several content managers from ING. All ING employees were trained in the new CMS. The content managers from ING helped us with a number of issues such as naming, ‘standard behavior’ and other ING conventions.

Next to our content managers, three other Crossphase employees joined the migration team:

  • Contentlead
    Planner and manager of the migration team and point of contact between the content management and formula management departments.
  • Technical content manager
    Point of contact for developers, testers, functional management department and the migration team.
  • Sr. content manager:
    A helping hand to close the gap in the content management team from ING.

Initiation phase

The migration was very well prepared as a result of a well-spent initiation phase. At the start of the project, we discussed the general outline with ING: planning, deadlines, deployment of staff and the workload.

Groepsfoto riga Crossphase
Account manager

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