3 advantages of well-managed content

In large companies a lot of content is produced, but it rarely gets deleted. Before you know it, you have no idea what content lives where, and why.. What’s even worse, your visitors and search engines can’t follow what you’re doing either. Nocontent should be on your website without a reason. Good content is up-to-date and relevant. Less is definitely more.

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1: Content management keeps you content up-to-date, improving your rank in Google

Want your website to be found? Make sure that relevant content isn’t divided over 20 pages or deeply hidden in your website. Visitors should be able to find what they are looking for within a couple of clicks.

2: A well organised cms and management plan result in an efficient and useful website

News articles from 5 years ago, an old campaign, that page with 2 visitors in the past year, those 3 pages with basically the same content: get rid of it. Overview, structure and a tightly organized management plan provide you with guidance and saves you loads of time. And as you know, time is money.

3: Your website becomes more accessible

Make your visitors smile by providing them with top tasks instead of a row of links. Show them a navigation with 5 items, avoiding extreme long dropdowns. And give them a website that loads quickly and has a structure that makes sense. The right content in the right place. With content management you eliminate most thresholds.

Content management first aid: professional content managers

Has your cms grown into a frenzy of pages, redirects, visuals and documents? Unsure where to start? Or where you will get the time and manpower? Crossphase’s content managers help out tons of clients on a daily basis. Investing in cleaning up your cms, optimisation of your content and a content management plan for the years ahead: hiring our professionals earns itself back. Guaranteed.

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Content analysis and advice

Using a content audit we assess your current content. What is already in the right place? Which content needs to be optimised? What can go? Based on this assessment we give you tailormade advice for the (re)organisation of your website.

Content and search engine optimisation (SEO)

Optimisation consists of 2 parts: content and search engine optimisation (SEO). Is your content relevant and topical? Is it well written, without errors and following web guidelines? Can you increase your findability by adding keywords, alt-texts or metadata?

Cleaning out your cms

By cleaning out your cms or medialibrary, finding files will be swift and easy. You’ll get your job done more efficiently than before. Not one piece of content should be on your webpage without reason. We help you make goal-oriented decisions.

Developing content governance (management plan)

Content governance is a living document in which you describe your policy, roles, rights, content strategy, processes, agreements and criteria. Clear as day: who does what. As a result you ensure that your content effectively and efficiently contributes to the goals of your organisation.

Need advice about or support for content management? An exploratory meeting is always free and without any obligation.

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