Project management starts with a plan

Your new website needs to go live in record time. Your product pages are in serious need of optimisation. You need time, knowledge and manpower. But who, when and for how long? Good preparation is half the battle. So start with an assessment: what is your goal? What needs to be done? Who do you need? What knowledge is already available? The answers to these questions are the base for your approach.

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Project manager: overview, quality and translation

The content managers, editors, specialists and (ux) designers and developers are the ones executing the project. As a project manager you keep track of the progress. Is everyone making progress? Are all the priorities clear? Are there adjustments needed in the planning? A good project manager understands the language of the different disciplines. Bottlenecks are easily recognised and misunderstandings are prevented. All the more reason to choose a project manager with experience in content projects.

Stakeholder management

One of the most important parts of project management is management of the stakeholders. As a project manager you need to know who all your stakeholders are and keep them informed. Stakeholder management consists of managing expectations, creating support, advocating interests and organising feedback and review sessions.

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Why hire Crossphase for project management

Due to projects at different large companies our projects managers are:

Experienced content professionals

We are experienced in a wide range of content management systems. Experience gained through assignments at large companies across the Netherlands and Europe. The design of wireframes or A/B tests, you can leave it to us.

Swiftly up and running in your organisation

Whether they are working independently or managing a whole team: our project managers have no problem finding their way in your organisation. They find out quickly who the stakeholders are and who the content owner is. That saves a lot of time.

Executives that bring people together

Our project managers have the overview and guard quality and deadlines. They stay in touch with IT, marketing, the board, external suppliers and any other stakeholders there may be. A no-brainer for our project managers.

Need of a project manager for your website project? An exploratory meeting is always free and without any obligation.

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