The time of keyword stuffing is over

SEO copywriter or text writer can be a confusing term. Because it incorrectly suggests that search engine optimisation is just a matter of writing texts that include keywords. Of course it remains important to include the search terms used by your target group. You use them in your url, your titles and your paragraphs.

But that’s not enough…

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From keywords to Search Intent

Search engines are checking how up-to-date, accessible and above all: how relevant your content is. Does your content provide a sufficient answer to the question of your target group? The trick is to look beyond keywords: what’s the underlying question or need? Which questions belong to the search term (what, how, why)?

An SEO copywriter links keyword research to customer data and with that, brings search intent to the surface. Based on this, the copywriter writes relevant web texts and your visitor finds exactly what they were looking for. On top of that, the search engine will reward you with a higher ranking.

Powerful SEO texts are written with a clear structure

Search engines and people like structure. A long, unstructured piece of text results in a higher bounce rate: visitors enter your site and immediately click away. You never want that.

A web editor or SEO copywriter turns your text into web text. That means ‘scannable’ text with a logical structure and clear headers. A well written web text is found better, ensures a better user experience and a higher conversion.

Why a SEO copywriter from Crossphase?

Why a SEO copywriter from Crossphase?

Our copywriters and web editors love language and have experience with many major premium brands. When you hire a Crossphaser, we ensure you the perfect match between his or her personality and your organisation.

This is what you can expect from professional (web) copywriters:

  • knowledge of the latest SEO developments: from featured snippets to optimisation for voice assistants
  • they are quickly at home in any content management system (cms), including yours
  • feeling for your tone-of-voice. Where necessary, we make a style guide or writing guide
  • they immerse themselves in your brand, your products and your target group
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What you can leave to us

We write completely new texts or edit and optimise existing content. The power of good content is that you don't have to worry about the search engine anymore. The trick is to think outside-in. Not "what does your organisation have to offer", but "which questions from your target group do you answer". Customer-centered communication is the best ‘optimisation trick’ that always works.

Case Study: SEO Copywriting at Vattenfall

Vattenfall hired Crossphase copywriter Adeline. Find out how Adeline helped Vattenfall to improve search results on 'sustainable' keywords.

Case study: SEO copywriting for Vattenfall

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