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When the migration of content is finished, your website is ready to go live. Before go-live, we do some final checks to make sure you can publish your website with confidence.

Do you want to know how we can help you with every step of the content migration process?

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What can I expect from Crossphase?

  • We double-check all links and functionalities. With IT we fix any technical issues before go-live.
  • We do a knowledge transfer about the CMS or the style guide and writing conventions.
  • We take care of the daily maintenance of your website after go-live.
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We help you with the finishing touches

Before the website goes live, we check everything. Is all content correct and tested? Are all the links in the right places? Our experienced content managers check all the details.

Do you have feedback? No problem, we will process it and fix any technical issues with IT.

After go-live, we plan a knowledge transfer. We share our experience with you so your own content specialists can work efficiently in the new CMS. We can also deliver manuals and a style guide (if we have written your texts).


We can design a training that meets the needs of your content specialists. We explain how you can work in the new CMS. If we have written texts for you, we can also give your copywriters a training . Parts of this training are tone-of-voice, SEO or texts on B1-level. Whatever you deem necessary

Tips for work processes

We want to help your team with establishing rules and guidelines for managing the new website. Which person is responsible for what? Who gets which rights in the CMS? And especially: how to keep the website as organised and efficient as possible?

Streamlining the work process saves you time and prevents mistakes in the long term.

Do you want access to our knowledge in the few weeks after go-live? Or do you want structural support for your new website? We can arrange it for you.

“We know that your website has to be impeccable before go-live. Because we are perfectionists too.”

Michelle, content manager

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