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Is a content migration coming up and you’ve already selected your CMS? Great, now is the time to start preparing your migration.

We are here to help you every step of the way: determine technical requirements, test the website, execute a content audit and prepare work documents. Together we go for a smooth operation!

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What can you expect from Crossphase?

  • We specify requirements for your CMS and we communicate with your developers to establish an optimum CMS implementation.
  • We test your CMS in the acceptance environment.
  • We make a realistic planning for your content migration.
  • We make an analysis of all your content with personal advice of an experienced content manager.
  • We create a dynamic work document with all the pages to migrate. So you don’t miss anything and stakeholders can stay informed about the progress.
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Roadmap of preparing a content migration: from requirements to work document

Are functionalities not working the way you want them to? Then you need developers for making technical adjustments. Unfortunately developers usually don’t speak the same language as you. In which case it is hard to communicate about requirements.. Been there, done that!

Crossphase has a lot of experience talking requirements with developers. Your CMS will work perfectly.

What problems can arise today, tomorrow or in the future during the migration? Which functionalities can we test and improve on with the development team?

When there’s an acceptance environment, we start to test all kinds of scenarios. Away with Lorem Ipsum, we solely use real content so we can see the actual end product.

After determining the technical requirements, it’s time to plan. We investigate what needs to be done after which we make a global planning en timeline for the migration project.

  • What’s the deadline?
  • What are the goals we need to set to make the deadline?
  • Who is responsible for what task within the project?
  • What does the feedback process look like?

Because we have a lot of experience with migration projects we won’t miss anything that is easily overlooked.

Our final product

A realistic planning for all stakeholders of the migration. This means: more grip on the project!

After the planning we execute a content audit: a complete analysis of the content

  • How much content is there?
  • What types of content are there and who is the owner?
  • Are all functionalities available in the new system?
  • Is the content up to date and is it findable (SEO)?

For a lot of customers doing a content audit sounds complicated, because they don’t do them on a daily basis. We do.

That’s why we are happy to help you with this. Thanks to our years of experience we can give you advice on how to get your content to the next level.

The planning and content audit are ready, now you can start with the migration.

To make sure the migration goes smoothly, we create a work document for you. All pages are included in this spreadsheet. We track the progress per page. This way all stakeholders will have a clear overview of the current status of the project.

“Getting it right from the start. I’m here for you to make a realistic planning and do an extensive content audit. With clear requirements and a solid work document we can make a good start.”

Mariëlle, senior content manager

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