Improving your content, where to start?

Optimisation always starts with analysis. What are your points of improvement? Do all pages have a clear goal? Are your SEO keywords in the right place? Are the texts well written, written on language level B1, can you scan the page? Is your content up-to-date and relevant for your target audience? Does the content guide your visitor towards their goal? Are there opportunities for a higher conversion rate by adding a link or call-to-action?

Why is continuously optimising your website so important?

Because, your website doesn't exist just for fun. Whether it’s branding, sharing knowledge or sales, your website has a clear goal. So you need relevant, good content. A user-friendly, attractive and seductive website with good findability. In the online world innovation happens every day, so work on your website is never really finished.

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Getting specific: what is content optimisation?

Alright, here are a few examples of things you can do to improve your content:

  • Tracking down dead links
  • Deleting duplicate content
  • Compressing images
  • Deleting under visited web pages
  • Rewriting of texts
  • Adding keywords based on data analysis
  • Adjusting meta titles and descriptions
  • Rewriting microcopy
  • Deleting redundant code
  • Adjusting the URL structure
  • Adjusting alt texts

Content optimisation is carried out by a content manager, content specialist, web editor, copywriter and/or textwriter.

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What can Crossphase offer for your optimisation project?

The knowledge of our content managers and contentspecialists is always up-to-date. Ranging from SEO to writing content for a chatbot or voice assistant. Our support consists of 3 steps:

  1. 1. A content audit

    We analyse your website and pinpoint improvements resulting in a data-driven plan of action.
  2. Writing, adjusting, deleting

    Now we know what needs to be done, we do it. From rewriting to restructuring.
  3. Testing and measuring

    We(A/B-) test to see whether the adjustments are yielding the right results.

At the end of the project, we won’t leave you empty handed. We leave you with a solid content governance document and advice that moves you forward.

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Casestudy: optimisation of ‘Cheap train tickets’ NS

A top 3 ranking in Google and an increase of 160% in traffic for the page ‘Cheap train tickets’. Content manager Kimberley got it done in only 6 months, together with her colleagues at NS.

Read about her approach
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Need advice about or support for content optimisation? An exploratory meeting is always free and without any obligation.

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