Author: Jurgen Gravestein
Writer en Conversation Designer at
Published on 22 August 2019

You need not be a computer expert or a whizz kid to become a Conversation Designer. But you do need to understand how a conversation platform works. That means you need to know about the requirements, strengths and limitations of AI.

A bot does not ‘think’ like a human being. It needs context and variables. It can guess the intention of the user and ‘understand’ what the user wants. We refer this process to as ‘Natural Language Understanding’ (NLU). Thanks to NLU, robots can interpret written or spoken language. Though each platform has its own rules, they have a lot of things in common.

The needs of a human being differ completely from those of a robot. We have fears, doubts, and needs. We need help, persuasion, and encouragement. Your bot should therefore keep the feelings of the user in mind. To maximize the results of interaction, you have to know about all the psychological processes and limitations.

CD workshop Robocopy

We apply different copywriting techniques, techniques that take both psychology and technology in mind. That’s how we create user experiences that are helpful, natural, and persuasive. In addition, we have formulated a process for Conversation Design. This enables teams across the world to work more productively and design better conversations. In February 2019, we officially opened the Conversational Academy. This is the first online academy for Conversation Design in the world.

During the first months, over a hundred people from over 20 countries signed up for our online course ‘Conversation Design’. It’s our mission to let the Conversation Design community grow and share our knowledge and expertise with as many people as possible.

Join this revolutionary adventure and become a Certified Conversation Designer.

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