Contractor service

It may not be a large group of freelancers.
It’s most certainly the cherry on the cake.

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Contractor service

In need of someone to fill a vacancy temporarily or during a project? We use our extensive network to complete your team with a seasoned expert.

We may not have a large group of freelancers, it’s most certainly the cherry on the cake. And we want to make sure that a freelancer and you are a perfect match. We will not burden you with a second-best option.

It is obvious that costs are an important aspect. That’s why we charge a competitive fee for the right expert. We know from experience that this approach contributes to the satisfaction of our customers and it often develops into a sustainable collaboration.


We are experts in:

  • content management
  • web editing
  • project management
  • consultancy.

Working with us means that you get a 100% guarantee on an efficient and successful content project. No matter how complex.

“We think it’s important that external staff feels part of our company, and vice versa.”

Karin ter Hofte

Communications manager Contentteam, Dutch National Railways (NS)

NS & Crossphase

“Dutch National Railways (NS) is working on a new website. Content migration was the main part but we also needed some advice. It turned out that we had to increase the capacity and a number of Crossphase contract staff is now working for NS. They are really a part of the organisation.” Lees de casestudie over dit project.



Reflect on the consequences of your work as a basis for success. Because we think this is an important step we encourage our employees to do so. This is how we ensure high quality services.


In 2020 we want to have the best repuation in terms of content management, worldwide. We want to make our customers happy with quality.

What's in it for you?

An up-to-date, complete and consistent website. Always. Job satisfaction while working with the CMS. Quick and smooth updates. And the result? Reduced costs and an accelerated time to market.

Gazelle 2016Another win

In 2014, we picked it up and again in 2015: the FD Gazellen Award in the South-West region of The Netherlands. It’s the crowning glory and above all it’s an award that really matters. One that is not for sale.