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Both visitors and marketeers love it: a consistent style - in text, visuals and structure - as a result of your style guide. Crossphase’s copywriters have a lot of experience with creating, improving and using a style guide, a tool that documents the rules about tone-of-voice and the style of writing. If you have a clear corporate identity, you improve your conversion rate, and you save time and money!

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Four ways in which a style guide will help you:

A style guide contains crystal clear guidelines on how to write abbreviations, capitalise words and spell brand names. It also documents tone-of-voice, language level, structure and search engine optimisation. With a style guide, you provide guidance for your copywriters writing your website, social media, emails and other communications. By using one, you’ll save time copywriting and keep costs low.

With a style guide, you ensure more consistency in your communications. When things such as industry terms, product names and job titles are consistent, visitors know what they can expect from your brand. It will help you prevent confusion and create trust, which will express itself in higher conversion rates. Did you know that you can also hire Crossphase for conversion optimisation?

Every marketeer will tell you why it is important to have a style guide. However, most marketing style guides only focus on visuals. They contain clear rules about the use of logos, colours and photography, but they usually don’t include a lot of information about how to write. We complete your document with rules about your tone-of-voice, your style of writing and guidelines for writing in plain language. You won’t just have a visual brand identity, you’ll also have consistency in your texts.

With a good style guide, your copywriters quickly know what is expected of their writing. That saves you a long onboarding and ensures flexibility. The clearer your writing agreements are, the easier it will be to collaborate with various great copywriters. And we have a lot of those at Crossphase!

Do you need help writing or improving your style guide?

We will create one together. Before we start developing your house style, we make sure that we understand your brand, product and audience. We deliberately take a lot of time for this, to guarantee that the guidelines are a perfect fit for your brand image.

Does your current style guide need an update? Our experienced copywriters make sure that it’ll be improved and enriched. When your style guide is finished, we’ll introduce it to the relevant departments (web editorial team, social media team, marketing team, etc.) through a workshop or a presentation.

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Would you like to have one of our copywriters to create a style guide for you? Please, give us a call, or send us an email:

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