Author: Kasper Mol
Conversation designer at Crossphase
Published on 18 October 2019

On Tuesday 15 October, Crossphase organized a conversation design workshop in collaboration with Robocopy. Less than a year ago I sat in the same seat as the participants. Now I was one of the people the participants looked to for answers. I was there to share my knowledge as a (Robocopy) certified conversation designer.

A new opportunity in a new field

Last March I took on the adventure to become a conversation designer. Thanks to Crossphase I got the opportunity to be educated at Robocopy’s Conversational Academy. In addition to online webinars, there were several classes where we came together as a group. In these classes we put our brand new knowledge into practice. We learned a lot from Robocopy, but we also learned a lot from each other. In April the day had finally come: I became a Robocopy certified conversation designer!

My first step in a new field

On the 15th, the day consisted of two parts: a presentation on the theory of conversation design and a workshop where the participants put theory in to practice. Robocopy’s Hans and Jasper lead the way into the world of conversation design. They shared their vision and showed us the do's and don'ts when writing chatbot content.

After a short break it was time for the practical part of the programme. The participants were divided into three groups. Hans, Jasper and myself each guided one of the groups. With a little help from the three of us, the participants took their fist steps in the brand new field of conversation design. Their enthusiasm was infectious! As they were designing their own chatbot, a lot of questions came up. I remember I had the same questions when I just started and now here I was, helping them take the same step I did.

My development

Since last March things have moved very quickly for me. Fully trained by Robocopy and doing my thing in the chatbot world. I didn't actually realized how much I have grown until this workshop. I wasn't the new guy in town anymore and I didn't have the questions anymore; I knew what I was doing and I had the answers now. I realized I can teach others! After 8 months I found myself on the other side of the table.

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