I’m a content manager in the remote content management team at Crossphase, CMaaS. As a member of this team, I work for multiple organisations at once. I have obviously felt the impact of the coronavirus in what I do. Since the start of March, most content requests have become Corona-related. I’ll tell you more about one of these requests in this blog.

How do organisations handle their Corona-related content?

Some customers stick to a short page with limited information, while other organisations need to provide their visitors with more information. I’m involved in various projects that aim to optimise the information flow related to the coronavirus. But let me dive deeper into how the communication needs of one of my clients changed as the impact of the virus grew.


Corona-communication at an international service provider

Let’s rewind to the end of January. The coronavirus held China in its grips, but Europe was still unconcerned. An international service provider asked us to create a simple page. It contained tips and tricks for companies on how to continue business-as-usual during the Corona outbreak. At that time, the organisation believed they didn’t need any more: the page led a stumbling existence, hidden behind a small link.

Growing urgency from mid-February onwards

And that’s where it stayed, until the middle of February. The virus had already reached Italy and Austria and the Netherlands would follow hot on their heels. The global economy started feeling the impact of the virus and there was a clear effect on the financial markets. The page was dusted off, updated with some additional news items about the financial impact and it received a prominent place in the company’s news overview. And that was all that was necessary, right? I mean, how big could the impact possibly be?

Maximum communication from the middle of March

That question was answered just two weeks later, when all the schools, sport clubs and restaurants in the Netherlands had to close and everybody had to start working from home. From then on, the impact was huge.

Obviously, my client had the same realisation. They started to communicate proactively and intensively about the impact of the virus on organisations, on their staff, and on global health. This meant a huge makeover for our humble coronavirus page.

FAQ’s with answers that still had yet to be answered

Suddenly, all of the content had to be longer and needed a better distribution across the website. We had to build FAQ’s to answer questions that had yet to be asked and to which we had yet to receive answers. And all of that in a period in which everyone - both at Crossphase and at our client’s office - still had to get used to working from home.

Not the most ideal situation for a project with a tight deadline! A daunting task, but one that is a perfect match for us, because it allowed us to fully demonstrate the added value and flexibility of the CMaaS-team.

A copywriter immediately brought on

In close consultation with the client, we built a page-structure that was completely equipped to handle the current situation. I immediately brought on a Crossphase copywriter who made sure that all texts had the right tone-of-voice and made them SEO-proof. They also distilled several separate briefings into one comprehensive FAQ. All of those texts were then quickly reworked into user-friendly pages that contained images and links to other helpful pages.

Live in 24 hours

Because all the parties involved gave it their best, we were able to deliver a solution quickly. We often have less than 24 hours between the delivery of the first draft to the go-live of a page.

Our team is a well-oiled machine that always ensures that the most important information is available to the visitor. That small and insignificant page from one month ago? It has been completely reworked into a landing page with a 25-page subsite.


Need help with your content?

Could your organisation use similar Corona communications pages? Or would you like to know more about what Crossphase could do for you? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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