Published March 27, 2020

Author: Ruben Thenu
Corporate Recruiter at Crossphase

An initiative that combines content, recruitment and charity: that’s something that Crossphase loves to support! I’m Ruben, recruiter at Crossphase. I’ll tell you about how our collaboration with RecruitersForGood came to be. This social initiative perfectly matches our four core values: driven, connected, caring and responsible.

#driven to contribute

Wednesday morning, March 11. The sun warms my face on the ferry to Amsterdam-North. Together with my colleague Frederique, I’m on my way to TruAmsterdam, a meet-up for recruiters with a twist. Here, it’s not about the speakers, but about the input of the attendees. I’m impressed with the knowledge and skills of the recruiters.

At the end of the day, I take part in an interesting conversation with a small group of recruiters. The central theme: ‘how can recruiters contribute to their community?’. That’s where the first ideas about activating a big recruitment network were born .


#connected to support the job market

A lot of changes have followed in the days following this unconference. Schools and restaurants are closed. Events and trips are cancelled. All because of the coronavirus.

The small group of recruiters that I spoke to, see the effects it has on the job market. Thousands of people could lose their jobs. Among them, many small business owners, freelancers and part-timers. On the other hand, they also see a significant deficit in personnel. For example, in healthcare, delivery, at governments and at supermarkets.

They decided to put their words into practice: connecting this sudden supply and demand on the job market. They can’t do that alone. That’s why they’ve asked RecruitersForGood for help.

#Caring to offer capacity

What do they need? First of all, they need copywriters. Because they want to spread their ideas clearly. I immediately offer Milad, one of the initiators, the help of Crossphase. Because my colleagues find it an honour to help their communities.

RecruitersForGood is happy with our help, because they want to launch their website within a few days. I agree to have one of our copywriters edit their online texts. A day later, I also got the question whether we can also make a transcript for the promo video and write a press release. We were made for these jobs, so I immediately said yes.

#Responsible colleagues

To help RecruitersForGood as soon as possible, I connected them to one of our content leads, Michiel. Hij has a lot of experience with hectic projects and tight deadlines. Moreover, he knows how to analyse the situation, and figure out the needs and manage expectations.

Together with his colleague Tiziana, Michiel managed to quickly and successfully finish the script. Later that day, they also wrote the press release. And gave some extra tips and tricks to improve their online texts. By acting proactively, they surpassed RecruitersForGood’s expectations.

Webp net compress image 1
Michiel senior webredacteur
Milad of RecruitersForGood gave me a call. If I could write a script for a video in one hour. A great opportunity to do something for my community. So my colleague Tiziana and I started working immediately.

Michiel, content lead at Crossphase


By listening to the needs of the market and immediately responding, Crossphase did its part in tackling one of the challenges that resulted from the coronavirus. I like that we freed up our capacity at now cost to support a good cause.

I’m proud of the work Michiel and Tiziana delivered in such a short time. And I’m really proud of the trust we at Crossphase have in each other. I can leave an assignment like this with my colleagues, trusting completely in them to surpass all expectations.

A beautiful example of the #poweroftogehter

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