Published March 20, 2020

Author: Walt van der Linden
Senior Copywriter at Crossphase

These are uncertain times, that’s for sure. For everybody, including organisations. There is a lot of uncertainty about profits, about the length of this crisis, about the measures governments take and, most importantly, about personnel. And all of this uncertainty can affect deadlines and other organisational goals. For a lot of organisations, this will also be the first time that many of us will be working remotely.

Today’s challenges

We are confronted with a completely new set of circumstances. For some of us, profits will soar, for others they will plummet. While one organisation might not have enough work for their full-timers, others will be short on hands.

Challenge 1: less personnel

Changing circumstances may mean that part of your team is sick. Or taking care of a family member. Or watching their children. Right when you really need them. This might be the right time to find flexible part-timers. People who know the systems you work with. People who can make extra hours, just when you need them to.

Challenge 2: working from home

And then there’s the fact that your office has suddenly been replaced by the kitchen table. Suddenly, everyone’s using Google Hangouts, Slack, Skype, email and telephone, instead of just popping by someone’s desk. All of your colleagues are suddenly at home. They need to familiarise themselves with a completely new way of working. And they need to do all of this in a time where the business, the goals and the deadlines have completely changed from a few weeks ago.

Now more than ever it has become crucial that your (content) organisation is in order and that you communicate clearly. Make sure that everybody knows their role and responsibilities within the team. And make use of the knowledge those who are used to working remotely have.

Challenge 3: customers have questions and doubts

It’s not just your staff that have questions and doubts about this new reality. Your customers have them, too. And that results in online communications challenges

Customers want to be informed about the latest developments. They want clear answers to their questions, and they want to be secure in their knowledge that you’ll help them the same way they’ve become accustomed to. That’s where clear and trustworthy communications can make a difference. Clear, well-written answers, crafted by professionals. Post regular updates and make sure that your website is running smoothly. Don’t just talk about what’s not available right now, tell your customers about what you can still offer them.

Challenge 4: brick-and-mortar closes - more online traffic

Your online presence has only become more important. Your customers can no longer visit your brick-and-mortar locations. Online sales have become more important than ever. Finding information and asking questions have also gone completely digital.

It’s vital that you adjust your content strategy. For example, by publishing new and relevant content more frequently. Make optimal use of your available online channels, and keep an eye on your statistics. Which pages have recently started to receive more visitors? Make sure that the information on these pages is better and clearer than ever before.

How Crossphase provides stability

What the future will bring is still unclear. But Crossphase can surely help with ensuring short-term continuity in your content and communications. We offer your organisation stability and flexibility. With a team that knows what it’s like to work remotely. Meet the Crossphase CMaaS-team: Content Management as a Service.

CMaaS offers you a few advantages that seamlessly fit today’s challenges. Together, we’ll ensure that your organisations will keep running. Whether we replace a sick staffer, help you with your Corona-communications, or do a combination of both. With copywriting, content management and publishing, we make sure that your (online) communication is and remains ironclad.

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CMaaS: custom and remote solutions


CMaaS gets you the exact capacity you need to make your deadlines. They fill up the gaps in your staffing, proactively look for solutions and know the systems and processes of your organisation.


What knowledge do we have to offer The content managers from the CMaaS-team know and understand every imaginable CMS. Whatever the challenge it is that you’re facing: we’re sure that we have the expertise you need to get the job done. The team members know each other through and through and collaborate intensively, day in day out. This ensures a smooth collaboration, in which knowledge is shared quickly and efficiently. This creates a high level of flexibility

Working remotely

Another strength of CMaaS: they’re used to helping customers remotely. From Amsterdam to Paris, and from Maastricht to Singapore: even in ‘normal’ times, they offered solutions to customers without ever setting a foot inside their offices. One telephone call in which we take stock of the needs is enough to get up and running in just one day. Because they’ve always worked like this, they’re also capable of remotely collaborating efficiently.

They keep in touch with clients and each other via Hangouts, Skype, Slack and email all the time. The surroundings might change, but the work stays the same. And this is a big advantage. What might be a completely new way-of-working for your employees, is just another Tuesday for CMaaS.

Flexibly scale up and down

Another advantage of the CMaaS team is that they can flexibly scale up and down. Does the work suddenly become too much? Do you deal with the sudden loss of personnel? Or is the work finished sooner than expected? Whatever the case might be, this won’t be a problem for CMaaS. They can step up their efforts or scale them down at any moment - even in the evening or during the weekend.

24/7 crisis team

Should you really need it, we’ll put together a crisis team. We’ll stand by to share your message at exactly the right time with your audience. We make sure that the tone, format and content completely matches your needs and wishes.

The security of CMaaS

Would you like to discuss what we could do for you? Or do you have questions? Please, do get in touch with us. We’d love to take the time to figure out the exact challenges you’re facing. And there’s a good chance that we can offer you a fitting solution the very same day.

Need remote help? Don't hesitate to get in contact.