When you’re a copywriter at Crossphase, you’ll write for - and often at - different organisations. The length of an assignment differs, for several days to a whole year; after which you’ll get a new project. Would you like to know what kind of assignments you can expect to get? Four of our online copywriters share their experiences!

Jessica, copywriter for VodafoneZiggo

At VodafoneZiggo I wasn’t relegated to one defined project, but I was an active member of the B2B Digital scrum team. There, I wrote and created corporate pages for both brands. I was literally surrounded by developers, designers, analysts and testers. Together, we created the best possible online content.

I’ve done dozens of different stories: from creating campaign pages, to thinking about A/B tests. And from optimising metadata to migrating pages.

After a year at B2B, it was time to take a step in a new direction. Quite literally, because I moved to the other side of the office. To help B2C Marketing.


Michiel, copywriter for ROC Nijmegen

During my first two weeks, my focus was on advice. I made a thorough scan of the strongly outdated website and gave proposals for SEO, URL structure, page templates and tone of voice.

When our project team agreed to my propositions, the writing started. I managed a team of three content writers. Together, we rewrote all 300 pages of the new website. We also rebuilt the entire website in CMS Joomla.

The most exciting part of this project turned out to be the new tone of voice
. Our style had supporters, but also opponents. Luckily, ROC Nijmegen did user research with a young audience. And their opinion counted most.

Michiel senior webredacteur

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Jorinde, copywriter for Ahold Delhaize

My first job through Crossphase was short and sweet: for one week I was an editor for the Ahold Delhaize intranet. I edited vacancies and wrote news articles. I also published an exclusive preview of the new TV commercial for Albert Heijn (a Dutch supermarket chain). And I got to decide on the new GIF’s for the daily news flash.

In just a short time, I really got to know the intranet. It was very interesting to see how seriously such a big company takes their internal communications. Rightly so, I believe, because your employees are your biggest advocates.

I also admired how Ahold Delhaize trusted me to run the editorial team for a few days. On my own, while the regular editorial members were on vacation.


Walt, copywriter for Hogeschool Inholland

The new intranet of Inholland needed organised pages. With crystal clear answers to the most important questions of students and employees. I did a deep-dive into themes, such as ‘borrowing audio-visual tools’, ‘welcome first-years’ and ‘work hour reduction for seniors’.

At first, my assignment appeared to focus on the tone of voice. However, it quickly turned out to be about two questions: ‘what is true?’ and ‘where can we find it?’. Finding the right answers was a complex puzzle.

Luckily, I love a challenge. And thanks to the great collaboration with my Crossphase colleagues and the Inholland copywriters, this puzzle has been solved.

Walt header

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