Author: Marleen van der Sar
Content Manager at Crossphase
Published on 19 august 2019

It’s a dark wintery day in February and I’m at home on my couch staring in the distance. “Do I still enjoy what I do?” “Am I having fun at work?” I’d been asking these questions more and more recently. Questions that I blocked out by telling myself that my colleagues were fun. I opened my LinkedIn and started looking around. Where would I start? There are so many ways to describe a job nowadays.

Time for something new

While I was scrolling through myLinkedIn, a position as Content Manager at Crossphase caught my eye.Not knowing what this would entail, I clicked I got more and moreexcited while reading the description. Should I just give this ashot? I crawled behind my laptop that same night to apply. I wantedto work here, so I needed an impressive letter! Soon the letter wasout the door and all I could do was keep my fingers crossed. Not muchlater, I received an invitation for a meeting by phone. The interviewwent smoothly and in March they called to let me know that I gotthe job. I’d start work on the first of May.

And there I was, on May 1st, ready tomeet new challenges and transfer to a new organisation. I left myold, trusted environment. Anyone who has ever switched positions willknow… If you work in your comfort zone, you know everything, thereis not a single question that you don’t have an answer to, and youknow the organisation through and though. But then a new adventurestarts at your new employer. Everything is new again! That morning, Itravelled to my new office feeling rather uneasy. My first day wouldconsist of introductions, trying to keep up with everything andmemorising names. That’s a lot of information. My laptop waswaiting for me and I was ready.

Time flies when you’re having fun

The first day, the first week, thefirst month – it all flew past! During my first week, they askedme to help with a migration for Maastricht University. You maywonder what a migration is. Which is a fair question, since it wassomething which I wondered about as well. Soon, however, Idiscovered that during a migration; you transfer content from onesystem to another. Maastricht University was transferring to a newintranet environment. I migrated the content for dozens of pages.This assignment was a great learning experience because I became veryfamiliar with the system. After completing this assignment, I joinedthe CMaaS (Content Management as a Service) team. This Leiden-basedteam works for clients across the world. The work is very diverse –no two days are alike.

Lots of new challenges, lots of newpeople and lots of new energy. That’s how I would describe my firstthree months at Crossphase. Crosspase is an environment that givesyou energy. And that trusted environment I left in April? I found itagain in no time.

Come join us!

Are you also ready for a new challenge, and would you love to be my new colleague? Go to

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