Author: Adeline Witte
Web Editor at Crossphase
Published on 19 September 2019

They have flown by, my first two weeks as a Web Editor at Crossphase! And that’s a good sign if you ask me. What did I do? How did I experience my first weeks? I’ll tell you more in this short review.

First impressions: well-organised

My first day at Crossphase started with a warm welcome. One thing I noticed straight away is that everything was set up to let this day pass by as smooth as possible for a newbie such as myself. For example, I immediately got a tour of the company during which I introduced myself to everyone, and vice versa.

When I got back to my desk, I found a new bag pack with a starter kit waiting for me. Laptop? Check! Bluetooth headphones? Check! Pen and paper? Check! Water bottle? Check! They filled my calendar with meetings to help me on my way with various things. They also introduced me to both my talent manager and a buddy, two colleagues that I could go to with any questions I might have.

What’s next? Off to my first customer!

During the subsequent two weeks, I primarily worked on different writing tasks at Crossphase headquarters until they sent me to my first client. I could also use the time for self-development: essential in this day and age! Think of things such as an HTML course or a Google Analytics training. Last but not least, I could get acquainted with my new coworkers.

But what’s next? Well, tomorrow I’m off to my first assignment as a Web Editor at Nuon/Vattenfall in Amsterdam. I’ll be working on writing new (SEO-optimized) content. Cheers to new beginnings, I am looking forward to it!

You can also find a Dutch version of this article on LinkedIn.

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