Project management

Migrating takes much more
than just moving content.
Without planning and structure
it might become chaotic.

More information?

Project management

Overview, planning and stakeholder management. Solid project management is vital for running large projects in a smooth and controlled way.

In a project like a content migration it often happens that the multiple parties involved have different objectives. Sometimes it is a real challenge. In these situations it’s good to allocate a seasoned project manager. A director who ensures overview, coordination and quality control.

Our project managers help you from beginning to end. They have gained experience with various systems, processes and organisations at major companies in the Netherlands and Europe.

It all starts with a plan

Leveraging our years of experience, we know many challenges and pitfalls. For example, preparation and project management are critical for a timely and efficient performance of a content project.

In our opinion it’s important to first start with an initiation phase and to create an action plan in close collaboration with you. The plan helps clarify roles and responsibilities.

This is how we prepare a project to the highest quality standards: an efficient and successful project completion together with you.

Another win

In 2014, we picked it up and again in 2015: the FD Gazellen Award in the South-West region of The Netherlands. It’s the crowning glory and above all it’s an award that really matters. One that is not for sale.

What’s in it for you

An up-to-date, complete and consistent website. Always. Job satisfaction while working with the CMS. Quick and smooth updates. And the result? Reduced costs and an accelerated time to market.