Content migration

Content migrations are our area of expertise.
Since 2007 we have executed and managed hundreds of content projects.
From implementing a new CMS to building a completely new website.

Content migrations have been our area of expertise for many years. Since 2007 we have executed and managed hundreds of content projects; varying from implementing a new CMS to implementing new websites.

In doing various projects, we faced many challenges and overcame diverse pitfalls. We find that preparation and project management are important for a timely and efficient execution of a project. After all, migrating a website takes much more than just moving content.

Want to know how we work? Please read the case studies on our projects at ING, NS, and two migrations at Ziggo.



Our content managers are true artisans; they are professionals who are dedicated to and passionate about their work. Crossphase’s content managers are seasoned experts in many content management systems and work quickly and meticulously. Furthermore, our web editors will ensure that all content is compatible with your new website.

Thanks to their extensive knowledge and their refined coordination skills, our employees have no problem with working independently. They thoroughly understand the different varieties of content management systems and they realize that quality is key. They are trained professionals who can relocate and structure a CMS and finally, present you with a strong foundation for the future.

ING and Crossphase

“We requested Crossphase’s help with implementing a migration because we were moving content from an old CMS to a new one. At the time, we faced some difficulties, but together we always managed to find a solution. The project went smoothly and we finished it well within the planning. During this project, Crossphase stayed personally involved, which led to a successful completion.”

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Highs and lows

How we can help you with your project depends on your company’s wishes and your specific business situation. For example, we can help you clear the backlog, implement a content migration or (re)design your CMS. If you are currently working on a new website or design, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

It is also possible to outsource the complete handling of your content management system to us. We will do the work, you will get the benefits. No matter when highs or lows occur (due to untimely hours or being understaffed) your website and CMS will always be up to date.