Content­ Management as a Service

People are the center of everything. But you only employ them for the hours you need. That’s what we call employability.
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Content­ Management
as a Service

Content Management as a Service is the best solution to tackle fluctuations in workload. It provides you with a team of experienced content managers and web editors that you hire as needed.

As the dynamics of a content organization are often unpredictable, an increase or decrease in the workload can pose major challenges. During a content migration or during a busy season your staff may need a helping hand.

Has one of your employees fallen ill? We can help. Our employees are available for temporary replacement at low cost. With these solutions, the whole operation continues at the right pace and your website is always up to date.

You only hire us for the hours that you need employment. And of course you will only pay for those hours.

Our professionals

Our content managers are passionate experts who love their profession. They have a background in multiple content management systems and work quickly and accurately. Thanks to their extensive experience they can work independently and have a set of strong coordination skills. They understand your computer systems, have a keen eye for detail and know like no other how important content is for your organization.

“The open communication is definitely
a distinctive feature.
There are no surprises and a deal is a deal” Gerard Spijker

Solution Owner Marketing and Communications, KONE

KONE and Crossphase

“Kone has 55 websites in 30 languages and Crossphase helps us with managing all of these websites. Content Management as a Service gives you the opportunity to hire employees on call. They do not work at our office, but remotely. I would certainly recommend Crossphase. We are very happy with their services. The open communication was definitely a very distinctive feature in our working relationship.”


It is not only user experience that is important for a website. Google should be able to find your website as well. Each and every web editor and content manager exactly knows what is important to enhance the findability.


In 2020 we want to have the best worldwide reputation for managing content. We want to make our customers happy with the quality that we provide.

What's in it for you

An up-to-date, complete and consistent website. Always. Enjoy working with your CMS. Quick and smooth updates. And the result? Lower costs and a shorter time to market.

Gazelle 2016Another win

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