FD Gazelle

Crossphase was awarded the FD Gazelle award for the fourth time in a row

Crossphase wins another Gazelle Award

In 2014, we won our first national FD Gazelle Award for best vision for the future. This was just the beginning: we received the award (from the Dutch Financieele Dagblad) in 2015, 2016 and 2017 as well. We are, as you might imagine, very proud of this achievement. It means that we are one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

The main requirement to be selected for this award is to realize a net growth of at least 20% or more. Additionally, the company must be financially healthy. So the FD Gazelle Award is an award with meaning. An award that is not for sale.

To be rewarded this way is a great recognition of our work and effort. But there still is a lot to do. We are currently the market leader in the Netherlands, but our goal is to have the best reputation in content management by 2020. Globally, that is.

Crossphase wins Gazelle award

A leap forward

“We are very proud to be nominated for FD Gazelle award for the fourth time in a row! To grow fast and to simultaneously ensure the highest quality is quite a challenge. A feat which our entire team has pulled off with hard work and a sharp focus on our specialism. It is great to see that our clients reward this effort with high customer satisfaction and many assignments. In addition, it is yet another step towards our goal of having the best global reputation in the content management market by 2020.”

Maarten Fokkelman

founder and managing director Crossphase