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How do you make your chatbot smarter? And when are you ‘finished’? These are both good questions about the maturity of bots. And although we can’t give you an exact estimate, we are more than happy to help you along.

Will you take the next step?
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What can you expect from us?

  • Lots of experience
    Our CDI certified conversation designers work for various organisations. We have experience with all kinds of chatbots - from those who are still in the ‘pilot’ phase to the ‘smart’ conversational AI ones. Whatever phase of the chatbot journey you’re in, we are able to help you.
  • Assistance from start to finish
    We guide you in taking the next step and determine where you can add the most value for your clients.
  • A perfect match
    We supply the conversation designer that suits your needs. Whether you need an advisory consultant, a hands-on chatbot writer or someone to help your team grow further. We provide the perfect match.

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What will we do for you?

We see that every chatbot goes through 3 steps in its road to maturity. We’ll show you what these steps are and what you need for them.

For most companies this is the first step in developing a chatbot. You ask a question, the bot replies and that's where the conversation ends. Writing this content is pretty straightforward. Often the answers are already available in your website's FAQ.

What we do

We ensure your chatbot adds value from the beginning. We do that by optimising the content for your chatbot. We write active content that truly answers the user’s question. At the same time we research which integrations could be useful for your clients. We'll tell you more about this in step 2.

Continuous development

These simple FAQs are a great start. Unfortunately we often see that chatbot development grinds to a halt after this. The chatbot can't do anything, besides answering simple questions. Your clients won't be too enthusiastic. Do you want to add some real value? Then it's time for step 2: back-end integration.

If you really want to help your users, your chatbot must be able to do something.

For example, telling how many vacation days the client has left, when their package will be delivered or how high their bill is. For all these answers, the user must provide information and the chatbot needs to be able to call into a system.

What we do
These possibilities create longer conversations. We write convincing content that answers a user’s more complex questions. We apply conversational copy strategies and make sure the bot knows how to handle errors. For instance, when he is unable to do something, or doesn’t understand the user’s input.

We don’t just do that by ourselves. Now that your chatbot is getting smarter, you’ll also need developers. Together we ensure that your bot retrieves the right information and shares it with the user in a conversational way.

Smarter and smarter

The smarter your chatbot, the more value it has for the user. This second phase can take some time because you are integrating more and more systems. Do you want to give your users the ability to switch to another subject during a conversation? Then it’s time for step 3.

‘Step 2’ chatbots are often still linear. Your user starts a path and a number of follow-up questions leads them to the right answer. If they have another question during the conversation, they find themselves stuck. The chatbot won’t understand your user anymore.

The solution? Conversational AI.

What we do
With conversational AI we train the chatbot in Artificial Intelligence, making the bot smarter. It enables users to have a more human conversation. For instance, giving them the opportunity to switch to another subject during an ongoing dialogue. The bot will be able to understand and keep up with the user.

The setup and maintenance of a conversational AI is demanding. It’s a real team effort. We can supply you with conversational AI trainers and conversation designers. Together we write data-driven conversational content, therefore continuing to make your bot smarter!

The future
No one can predict the future, but it’s a given that chatbots are getting smarter. The development of AI helps chatbots to become more advanced. Sentiment analysis, for example, or the ongoing development of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and NLU (Natural Language Understanding). As a result, chatbots will continuously improve their understanding of human questions.


Developing a good, smart chatbot takes time. Our help will speed up that process. We make sure your chatbot gets smarter and continues to improve. That way, you are ready for the conversational future!

Are you ready for the next step? Our conversation designers are here to help you.

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