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Multimodal design? It sounds complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. Multimodal design means adapting your content to different platforms.

Our conversation designers know the limitations and opportunities of the different platforms. They know which information you can leave out in the app. And how you create a clear dialogue in voice. Curious about how we achieve this?

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What can you expect from us?

Do you want to use multiple platforms? We can help you take the next step.

  • Personal advice
    We analyse your current content and we discuss your wishes. We give you personal advice about how you can use your content most efficiently across different platforms.
  • Chatbot writers
    Our conversation designers write the perfect content for each platformAlso, they know how to use each platform in the best possible way. To give an example: when your customers buy something via the Google assistant, the payment process should be continued in a new window.
  • Conversation design trainers
    Do your copywriters only need a refresher course, so they can write the perfect content for each platform themselves? No problem. We give training sessions and workshops based on the Conversation Design Institute method.
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How does content differ per platform

Our conversation designers write content for voice assistants and chatbots for your website and app. They know exactly what the platforms can and cannot do and they make sure that all content is fitting for each platform. Let us explain the differences of content per platform in more detail.

Do you use a chatbot on your website? Then the bot’s answers can be longer because more text is visible on a desktop screen than on mobile. If the text is still too long, or the subject too complicated to explain at once, we can lead the customer to more information via internal links. We can also use buttons and quick replies. These are buttons that show given answers to earlier questions.

Is there a chatbot on your app? Visitors to an app use a smaller screen and tend to be distracted easily.. So, we need to pay extra attention to the length and readability of the text. It is best to serve the visitors digestible chunks of information.

General greetings - understanding your question


Answer to your question



A voice assistant can be implemented with or without a screen. Does your voice assistant have a screen? Then we write the spoken and the written text. Is your voice assistant screenless? Then we write the perfect spoken text for it. We test the length of the text with the one-breath test; is it possible to say the sentence out loud in one breath? Then the sentence has the right length for a voice assistant.

How can we help you?

For your specific challenge we will find the conversation designer with the right skills. From a hands-on chatbot writer to an advisory consultant. We deliver custom-made solutions.

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