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Alexa, Siri and even the Google Assistant have one: a chatbot persona. But what exactly is a persona? And why should your chatbot have one, too? Easy. With a strong persona your chatbot has a clear voice, distinctive personality and a recognisable way of writing. This will help you to keep your story clear.

Could you use some help in creating the perfect chatbot persona? Let’s do a workshop together so our chatbot experts can share their knowledge.

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What can you expect from us?

A good chatbot persona allows your chatbot to communicate consistently and recognisably with your customers.


Imagine you are calling customer service. If the assistant suddenly starts talking differently, such as switching from formal to informal, it gives you an awkward feeling. The same applies to a chatbot. If the chatbot you are talking to starts babbling in technical terms or throws in random emoticons, you probably want to end the conversation. Such awkwardness can be avoided by giving your chatbot a clear persona. The chatbot has its own ‘voice’ and this voice is always recognisable to your customers. We can help your bot to find its inner voice and provide it with content that matches its persona.

Easy to recognise

You’ve got a powerful story and tone of voice that are easy to recognise. Naturally, your chatbot or voice assistant should be the same. Your chatbot is the person your customers talk to and the one who gives them an impression of your brand. And we all want that to be a good impression, right? A chatbot persona helps you achieve this. We make sure that the bot’s personality and voice align with and supports your story.

This is how we shape the best persona for your chatbot

A good chatbot persona suits your organisation and your target group.

The first step is to evaluate how you are communicating with your customers both online and offline. The chatbot should be in line with the current experience your customers have with your communication. That way, your customers know what they can expect from you.

If you have a shop, for instance, we model the chatbot after a shop assistant. When social media is important for your company, we let the chatbot communicate with your tone of voice.

Personality tests. Myers-Briggs, the famous red-yellow-green-blue palette, Hogwarts houses; the number of tests is endless.

How would your chatbot score on such tests? Is he a leader or a follower? Dominant or more wait-and-see. We help you shape and refine the character of your chatbot. With its weaknesses and strengths, interests and irritations. Then we know exactly how your bot reacts to certain ideas. And we write perfect content in line with the personality of your bot.

It’s our job to steer you away from the common pitfalls

  1. Too much humor.
    A funny chatbot is a joy to create, but not a joy to talk to.
  2. Too human.
    The more your bot resembles a human being, the more annoyed customers will get when the bot fails to do or understand something. We are honest about the abilities of a chatbot: it cannot do as much as a human being. And honesty prevents disappointment.
  3. Chatterbox.
    It’s core business for a chatbot to be chatting, but when it reaches the level of a chatterbox, it has overstepped the mark.

From workshop to the first conversation

Do you not yet have a definite persona for your chatbot? Our conversation designers can help you along in a workshop. After such an interactive and cooperative workshop, you will know everything about your bot: its name, background, personality and voice.

Even if you already have a chatbot, we can take your chatbot’s persona to the next level or help you develop it to match new needs (think of a rebranding).

Contact us for all the possibilities.

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