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Chatbot persona

With a strong persona, your chatbot has a clear personality, writing and talking style.

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Sample dialogue

A sample dialogue is a practice conversation between your chatbot and your customers. Could you use some help?

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Multimodal design

A chatbot for your website or in an app? We adapt the content to different platforms.

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The road to maturity

How does your chatbot become smarter? And when will your chatbot be ready?

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“Sorry, I don’t understand your question.”

Developing a chatbot or voice assistant is about creating understanding: between technology and psychology, chatbot and human, and between organisation and customer. Sadly, it’s the last part that fails most often. Which leads to: “Sorry, I don’t understand your question.”

This causes customer satisfaction to decline and increases the number of calls to the customer service. Most importantly, the amount of people using your chatbot will plummet. So where’s the promised goose with the golden eggs?

Human brain vs. chatbot brain

When we speak, we have different needs. We want empathy, understanding, confirmation, emotional release and much more. However, a technical brain needs other things - entities, intents and variables - and those pesky human needs only cause confusion. This is also the case the other way around, people really dislike being spoken to like they’re robots.

So how do you create a chatbot or a voice assistant that communicates naturally and helpfully?

What do our Conversation Designers do?

That’s where we come in! We don’t just understand the technology, psychology and the language. We understand the needs, limitations and possibilities of conversation AI. Our Conversation Designers use their knowledge to create helpful dialogues and flow design for your chatbot. We write rich characters, create a distinctive tone-of-voice and write convincing conversational copy. All according to the Conversation Design Institute method. But we can do more than just writing conversational copy:

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  • Conversational UX design
    Where does the chatbot fit into the entire customer journey?
  • Workflow
    How do you effectively structure a dedicated chatbot team?
  • Data analysis
    How do you measure the success of your chatbot?
  • Optimisation
    How do you apply your data to continuously improve your content?
  • Start with why
    Where does a chatbot really add value to your customer’s experience?
  • Tools and templates
    How do you best structure and survey the work?
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We create understanding

We can help you develop and implement a chatbot or voice assistant that fits your organisation. We ensure that your chatbot and your customers have meaningful interactions. All of our chatbot writers have successfully completed the Conversation Design Institute Conversation Design training.

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